I might sign up for Nintendo Online tonight on my Switch, sorry if that upsets anyone.

@cjwyoming I mean you’re the fukkin’ toot toad what do you expect?

Undertale is actually Very Good and I’m a little disappointed in everyone who told me to play it not harassing me enough to actually start playing it instead of just having it rot in my Steam library for eternity.

lol Red Dead Online, I can’t wait to buy a horse that costs $475 real world dollars.

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they really do be like that though😅🤣😂🤣😅🤣😂

@gayhobbes It’s an idiot tax for people who don’t know about Monoprice or Amazon Basics.

I really think the best way to get people off mastodon.social is making it common knowledge that it’s filled with all the same boomers and other dinguses along with the same mentalities that ruined Twitter.

@bigzaphod *looks at stock portfolio*

Yes, yes I’d say you need a new iPhone. Lots of new iPhones.

I’ll follow anyone who isn’t on the main boomer instance.

@bigzaphod Yep, dumb as hell. I’ve yet to play one that I go back to more than once after the “Huh, that’s neat” wears off in about 30 seconds.

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tired: resting heart rate
wired: resting fart rate

This electrocardiogram stuff in a watch is some top tier Star Trek shit.

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broke: mastodon.social
woke: hodapp.club

This fall sensing stuff is fuckin’ huge. My great uncle died because he fell in his garage and no one knew.

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