Playing my local Facebook group like a god damn fiddle for those sweet dopamine hits. If only I could get this level of engagement on shit that actually matters, like toots.

I live in a pretty progressive household.

Stealing this from IRC which was stolen from Twitter.

Me as a cis white male on Mastodon when the Fediverse is talking about much white cis men suck.

Pretty normal day for me for the last ... 20 days or so? Trying an experiment to see if I just work out a ton if I can lose weight by continuing to treat my body like a dumpster to pour crappy food and Coors Light into. Results so far are ... inconclusive.

1 boost = 1 “Wow cool new license plate ya’ got there bud.”

Accuracy in gag gifts, PAX edition.

I bought a sub-ohm vape, 0% nicotine, 100% being a douchebag.

Me and Vault Boy. 1 boost = 1 atomic annihilation of life and society as we know it.

Me and the creator of Magic the Gathering. 1 boost = 1 Richard Garfield.

lol @ people reporting my toot about buying a round of beers to celebrate wilw leaving Mastodon to the instance admin (which is me).

Just heard the news that wilw fucked off from Mastodon. Taking my victory lap by buying the whole bar a round because some notorious internet “”””celebrity”””” dickweed got the message that he should go away for eternity and never come back.

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