I genuinely wish I gave even a single shit about Super Smash Bros. So many people are SO excited about this game and I’ve just ... never been able to get into it, at all. I think I’m too old as by the time Smash Bros. was hitting real hard it was already getting difficult for me to get four folks together to play a game on a console.

I wish that wasn’t the case as the excitement surrounding it seems real cool.

@eli kinda same

never had street fighter or other clones of it growing up so I can't do the moves, and I knew too many people who did so all the enjoyment from that genre just eludes me

@bonzoesc Oh yeah that’s my other problem I never learned how to play a fighting game beyond just mashing whatever buttons or moves I could pull off over and over but I guess there’s intense strategy to all of that.

@eli @bonzoesc There’s a strategy to it?

But really all the moves are impossible to figure out by yourself and smash bros made it easy to get a baseline understanding on how to play and be decent.

@eli do you not like any fighting games, or just Smash?

@eli I got the 3ds one and played a bit of the wii u one. I don't get the appeal. It's a decent party game but I prefer Overcooked for that. Guess it's just about all those franchises together or something.

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