Eli Hodapp

Why doesn’t the gig economy have some service I can subscribe to that’s like a rent-a-mom who reminds me of things like annually to get an eye exam, figures out all my insurance junk, and makes an appointment for me?

@eli some folks get a personal assistant for that, while a lot of straight men get a wife and make her assume that role; I think there *are* gig economy personal assistants (and you'd think there would be, given twitter.com/azizshamim/status/)

@jessicadennis The problem is whatever rent-a-mom would charge wouldn’t be something I could afford.

@eli Well, your only alternative is to acquire a wife, then: many wives bring in their own income, as well as assuming the role of mother to a grown-ass human man!

More seriously, I think a lot of folks just cobble together various pieces of software to remind them of things, though that's not useful with sorting out insurance (see also: why I prefer to work for giant corporations or government entities)

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