Eli Hodapp

Hi, I'm Eli. I've spent the last decade managing toucharcade.com. I also do as much as I can to both help out developers and evangelize the mobile gaming industry.

I grew up in AOL chat rooms, playing Ultima Online, and on the Something Awful forums. If you know what any of that means, you likely completely understand my sense of humor.

I live with my GF in Aurora, IL. We have a black cat named Pickle and a dachshund named Steve.

Toots will be in line with these things!

@eli aurora? i shot a daca-supporting protest video last year there!

@eli I believe there is a cat and dog tax to be paid on Mastodon, a picture should suffice! ;)

It's nice to learn more about you, I've followed touch arcade for what feels like a long time!

@rosemaryorchard Nice! Thanks for being a member of our community!

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