Idk what’s wrong with these dogs.

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*sits down across from you*
The battle of wits has begun. It ends when you decide and we both drink, and find out who is right... and who is dead.

Spotted in the Walmart parking lot.

I had a bad dream last night that I hadn’t checked Mastodon for a couple days and everyone changed instances again and I lost where all my favorite accounts migrated to.

I should probably get a life.

Why doesn’t the gig economy have some service I can subscribe to that’s like a rent-a-mom who reminds me of things like annually to get an eye exam, figures out all my insurance junk, and makes an appointment for me?

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I should start manufacturing instance drama to boost my follower count as people migrate instances.

Lewd nude wieners. Show more

“This is the woke Hillary Clinton,” says Jonathan Martin, CNN Political Analyst.


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Just so I’m understanding this properly, everyone is moving over to knzk because of admin drama thinking there won’t be any over there because the admins don’t speak English?

...Not gonna lie that’s an interesting strategy.

I started playing Old School RuneScape today and my life is basically over so seeya everyone.

I’ve been so busy lately my Mastodon usage has dwindled to logging in every few days trying to figure out what drama caused everyone to switch instances again and then re-following everyone on their new account.

I miss the simpler times, where all we had to worry about was what flavor vape juice we gave our apes.

The amount of idiots who still DM me on Twitter even though the entirety of my profile involves the fact that I deleted all my tweets and moved to Mastodon is ... truly something else.

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Refusing to look up what praxis means and instead hoping to eventually figure it out through everyone's use of this meme is praxis

Qanon predicted the presidential alert today.

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should i download this it seems useful

Can someone give me the tldr on the exodus from bofa to knzk?

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