I have no idea where all these new followers are coming from but I guess ... welcome to my tooter? Sorry I don’t post more I just sort of lurk.

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Apple’s support for business customers basically amounts to dropping off your MacBook before you go on vacation and hope it’s done by the time you get back.

I just got thanked for my service at the airport wearing camo pants, a green army hat, and a 5.11 backpack with lots of MOLLE loops. 😬

It makes me irrationally angry that I can’t play the same Fallout 76 character on both my PC and my Xbone when I log in to both using the same damn Bethesda account.

Undertale was a really good game and I’m kind of bummed I didn’t play it earlier but still somehow managed to avoid all spoilers.

It seems extra fucked that we’ve basically been conquering Native Americans since white people set foot on North America and yet this is the first time a Native American member of congress has been elected.

If Beto wins Texas, No Nut November is over.

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The problem with Diablo Immortal isn't that it's a mobile game, it's that Blizzard broke conventions with the accepted way to release a game to an audience of Real Gamers: Trick them into thinking it's a PC-first title before releasing elsewhere-


I had a pretty busy mostly offline weekend so I’m just catching up on the extent of the Diablo drama now but... Jeez. Gamers sure are something.

When I die please use this as the giant framed photo of me at my memorial (which no one comes to).

I genuinely wish I gave even a single shit about Super Smash Bros. So many people are SO excited about this game and I’ve just ... never been able to get into it, at all. I think I’m too old as by the time Smash Bros. was hitting real hard it was already getting difficult for me to get four folks together to play a game on a console.

I wish that wasn’t the case as the excitement surrounding it seems real cool.

It’s a Coors Light at 3:00 PM kind of day.

I don’t really understand the morality system in Red Dead Redemption 2. I am deep on the good end just playing normally but it seems like there’s few if any benefits for this?

I guess today is Dress Like a Dork Day which is observed annually on October 19th, or, the one day a year where people actually think I’m celebrating something.

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*sits down across from you*
The battle of wits has begun. It ends when you decide and we both drink, and find out who is right... and who is dead.

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