this take on the whole Diablo Immortal thing still doesn't quite get it, but I think it gets the situation more than most do

I think the correct take is: The Gamers had a childish reaction to this one, and to mobile games in general, but yeah, Diablo Immortal isn't for the fan who attends BlizzCon, it's for the Chinese market primarily, and maybe to pick up people who have Diablo brand awareness. Making it THE big announcement at BlizzCon for Diablo was...well, what did Blizzard EXPECT would happen?

Also the gaming media totally exacerbates the mobile gaming stigma that these fans have

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I think the ideal way would've been:

- have that rumored Diablo 4 video ready to go
- position this in the same way as Elder Scrolls Blades: totally a mobile game but an experience that can be played anywhere - PC, Switch, your microwave, also hey your phone whoa

Blizzard fans are fine with exploitative monetization if you sell it right (see: Hearthstone)

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anyway, looking forward to voting against literal goblin Ted Cruz tonight

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@carter "Betrayed".

Hello, I would like one Fucking Break. Super-size it, please.

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