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I murdered and migrated to a more exclusive instance not for grandpas

Im getting followed by people migrating servers, what's going on now

also deserving of the guillotine: whoever fucked up Baroness' album...AGAIN

[laughing slightly too hard, fluttering my eyelashes] there a *mrs* worldwide...?

*to the tune of big city nights*

big city...big city knife @jzs42069

Romantic partners are just oversized emotional support animals send toot

Yeah you heard me I’d fuck a Cold War-era spy plane. I’m not even shy about it.

I have a label maker now, it's over for you motherfuckers

I like the new Soilwork album but the guy who mixed and mastered it deserves the guillotine

2019's had various dumb work stuff and also I've bought and sold a bunch of audio equipment and I fired up a dating app for a couple of days, shit's been crazy

gonna turn on my ps4 for the first time in months soon because I bought games for it and am going to regret downloading all sorts of dumb patches for it I'm sure

i love how we live in a corporate surveillance state yet if someone dies they'll still get mail months later

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